19301931 and a Loomis Fellow

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19301931 and a Loomis Fellow

Post  lynk2510 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:00 am

and was a graduate assistant there from 19301931 and a Loomis Fellow from 19311933.[8][Note 1] He received his PhD in physics from Yale in 1933,[8] with a thesis entitled Scattering of X-Rays by Cold-Worked and by Annealed Beryllium.[15][16] In his thesis, Boyd described the effects of reflecting radiation through samples of powdered, cold-worked and annealed beryllium with differing particle sizes. The experiment showed that beryllium crystals are "rather imperfect", that annealing caused "no appreciable change" in beryllium's lattice structure, and that the mass absorption coefficient of beryllium found in the experiment was reasonably close to the theoretical value calculated using Compton's empirical formula.[16]
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