. More sophisticated schemes

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. More sophisticated schemes

Post  lynk2510 on Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:50 am

. More sophisticated schemes recognize that only some portions of the box might convect and that entrainment and other processes occur. Weather models that have gridboxes with sides between 5 and 25 kilometers (3 and 16 mi) can explicitly represent convective clouds, although they need to parameterize cloud microphysics which occur at a smaller scale.[45] The formation of large-scale (stratus-type) clouds is more physically based; they form when the relative humidity reaches some prescribed value. Sub-grid scale processes need to be taken into account. Rather than assuming that clouds form at 100% relative humidity, the cloud fraction can be related a critical value of relative humidity less than 100%,[46] reflecting the sub grid scale variation that occurs in the real world.
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