In Antarctica

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In Antarctica

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In Antarctica
Bob Bage, Belgrave Edward Sutton Ninnis and Frank Bickerton work on the air-tractor sledge in its hangar

The Aurora reached the Antarctic mainland on 8 January 1912, after a two-week stop on Macquarie Island to establish a wireless relay station and research base.[27] The expedition's main base was established in Adélie Land, at Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay.[nb 4][28] While the Aurora was unloading, a violent whirlwind lifted the 300-pound (140 kg) lid off the air-tractor's crate, throwing it 50 yards (46 m). The main hut was erected immediately, but the strong winds meant that work on the air-tractor's hangar was delayed until March.[30] When the winds abated, a 10-foot (3.0 m) by 35-foot (11 m) hangar was constructed next to the main hut, from empty packing cases.[10][12]
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