Connecticut at Long Island Sound,

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Connecticut at Long Island Sound,

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There is no universal consensus on the name for this mountain range. The Metacomet Ridge is described by some sources as a traprock ridge beginning on the Holyoke Range in Belchertown, Massachusetts, and ending at the Hanging Hills in Meriden, Connecticut.[4] A 2004 report conducted for the National Park Service extends that definition to include the entire traprock ridgeline from Greenfield, Massachusetts, to Long Island Sound.[1] The Sierra Club has referred to the entire range in Connecticut as "The Traprock Ridge".[5] Geologically and visually, the traprock ridgeline exists as one continuous landscape feature from Belchertown, Massachusetts, to Branford, Connecticut at Long Island Sound, a distance of 71 miles (114 km), broken only by the river gorges of the Farmington River in northern Connecticut and the Westfield and Connecticut Rivers in Massachusetts.[1][3
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