Kurt sipped at his green drink

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Kurt sipped at his green drink

Post  jukido on Sun Oct 16, 2011 3:40 am

Kurt sipped at his green drink, letting it seep into his blood and color his memories. Ed was warm and happy from his first glass.

'Ach. The world is a clawed serpent, my son. It is a mechanism for rending flesh and grinding love to powder. We are little bags of jelly, created for some reason that must be humorous on a level beyond ours, created and then thrown into this machine. Without us to mash and grind, there can be no machine - take heart! At least we are necessary, and that is something. But without this process, this torture, we are nothing. The most we can do is to harden ourselves, to use any means, even the basest, to carve out whatever temporary peace we can for ourselves. To postpone the rending. The pain.'
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