He could feel her begin to enjoy his laugh.

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He could feel her begin to enjoy his laugh.

Post  jukido on Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:44 am

He could feel her begin to enjoy his laugh.

And so he dragged her around. Ed saw Blake at the Quiet Man Pub, had a couple of beers and listened to stories - listened sadly, realizing Blake was now a drunk. Maybe he always had been. He was shocked to see Ed at first, but within a half-hour he was talking to him like they had been together for the past ten years. Eliza was happy to sit in a corner and eat a sandwich.

Ed failed to find a couple of people entirely. Katie O'Hare had moved to Philadelphia to teach music, and Sullivan had opened his own law practice in Los Angeles. Mr. Sullivan, Sr. told Ed the news after swearing, dancing then marveling at him. Eliza could see that the old man wanted nothing more than to talk with Ed for hours on end, but Ed would not even come in, though the offer was repeated three times. The old man physically pulled on Ed's arms, but he wouldn't move closer. Ed seemed like a vampire invited to Mass. When Ed and Eliza walked away from the large Sullivan home near Central Square, Ed seemed bothered.
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