Ed said yes. Then he hung up.

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Ed said yes. Then he hung up.

Post  jukido on Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:44 am

'No. Yeah, but dad - Rollo, says it's all bullshit.'

'It is. Doesn't mean you don't meet good people.'


Ed slowed his pace as they approached the car. 'Are you ready to go?'


'Need anything?'

'No. Let's just go.'

Ed and Eliza moved seventy miles west in just under an hour, and then started heading south. Then Ed's phone rang, and he listened to Pyres for a few moments. Ed listened to the slow hiss through the phone and watched clumps of orange trees hurtle past the car. He made a sound when he thought that Pyres wanted to hear one.

Ed said yes. Then he hung up.

Eliza watched her hands shake. 'We're going to pull over soon, aren't we?'

Ed felt the tired weight of the gun holstered at his ribs, and scanned the woods on either side of the highway. It was bound to get more remote past Hartford. 'Not for a while.'
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