Commercial landlord insurance

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Commercial landlord insurance

Post  sangbmt on Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:08 pm

you own, and rent or lease out, a property to a third party then you will need to have a residential or commercial property owners / commercial business insurance policy. Residential, is of course for houses and flats and is also known as buy to let insurance. Commercial is where you lease a business premises to a third party. Where there is a cross over, for example a shop with flats above, then this will always go under a commercial property policy.

It is not difficult to work out, in the main, what is covered. The building, or the structure, is what you need to have cover for. It is the actual bricks and mortar, roofs, windows, floors and internal fittings. Think of the buildings cover as everything that you would not necessarily take with you when you move house or premises. You may have a fitted laminate floor, this would fall under buildings. But what happens to curtains, carpets and flooring (including carpet tiles and moveable laminate)? Where should this be covered?

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